Gwendolen Einsiedel’s BBC Creole Trailride Article[UNIQID]

Ran into Gwennie (Gwendolyn Einsiedel) at Marc Savoy’s jam one Saturday morning.

I was putting my fiddle away and getting ready to help stack chairs, when she came over, pointing towards the music center counter where a line of Saturday morning Cajun music aficionados meet and bullshit, saying, “Someone over there said you might have a few things to say about trailrides, or that you probably know folks I can talk to about trailsides.” She said this with disarming charm and professional ease.  She explained to me that she is living in England, and, was here in Acadiana to do a BBC article on Creole trailrides.

I thought, “What is that I hear in her voice? – a hint of another, more exotic accent over the assumed British accent? – Irish?  – Scottish?”

We talked a bit and then she said, “Do you mind if I record this?”

Gwennie is a great photographer (and, as we’ve discovered since, an artist with many other talents).  I am putting her BBC article on this page.  I’m somewhere in there in the midst of all those great photos spouting “my 2 cents”.

Note:  Time has passed since I wrote this, Gwennie is now “Black Pot family” and we are all benefitting from her discovery of SWLA culture.