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Bonsoir Catin (Longue Pointe 2 step) at The Bird

Preston & Keith Frank with Kevin Wimmer at The Bird

The Revelers – Lundi Gras at The Bird

Preston Frank with The Revelers at The Bird

The Magnolia Sisters at The Bird

Fawn Larson’s “At The Whirlybird” Song

Joe Vidrine’s video of The Watermelon Reel shot at The Whirlybird

Gwendolen Einsiedel’s BBC Creole Trailride Article

Warren Storm with Yvette Landry and The Jukes

Oh yeah, Yvette & Rodi swamp-pop duet

One of many jams at The Bird

New Year’s jam

Festival International Pin Promo

Dirk Powell’s “Oui, on Peut” shot at The Whirlybird

Red Stick Ramblers “Made in The Shade” shot at The Whirlybird

Sabra and The Get Rights at The Whirlybird

The Deslondes shot at The Whirlybird

Bonsoir Catin at The Bird

Jesse Lege & Bayou Brew Live at The Bird

Jesse Lege, Joel Savoy and Joe Vidrine at The Bird

A Sheer Beauty of A Song – thank you, Chas Justus

More of The Deslondes

T-Salé – The Whirlybird Special

Joe Hall Trio – Creole music for Flurry Festival

Maggie Belle Band shot at The Whirlybird

New Year’s Jam 2018

Outside jam at The Bird – Thanksgiving 2019

One of the best all-time music videos – and Christy is in it:   Radiohead’s hit and Christy’s lip-sync debut – it has since been removed from YouTube but the last time I checked it had over 19 million hits – tres kool.  (Looks like it is back at the following link if the one above does not work):

Christy and Jim are WWOOF-USA hosts

Trailer for You’re In Charge

Review for Three Point Dynamics

Jim in the leading role:  Three Point Dynamics

Three Point Dynamics

Jim’s direction of kids – “The Storypalooza Auditions”