Literacy & Cultural Exchange

The Whirlybird originally was developed on the 5 acres of the Stonewood property.  The Stonewood residence was located on 5 acres in the heart of Cajun and Creole country of Southwest Louisiana.  It is both old & new (built in the late 1890’s & renonvated beginning in 2006).  The Stonewood property was divided with the Stonewood residence on one 2.75 acres tract – and some very interesting repurposed buildings are now on the other 2.25 acres tract, including a renovated horse barn we call The Folk Art Barn, and South Louisiana’s premiere underground honky tonk called The Whirlybird or The Folk Art Honky Tonk, and, there is a building we call The Folk Art Tower. We list these buildings on Airbnb and VRBO and we also use these buildings for cultural, social and educational functions.

Before Covid, we were looking for hard-working and fun-loving adults to help us develop our unique corner of the world into a special place to promote health and vitality through sustainable projects and cultural programs. We speak English, but are open to smiles, grunts and hand signs.

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Check out the short video below of an interview that Christy and I did in Tutty’s Annex, The Whirlybird with the WWOOF-USA ambassador who had come to check us out as WWOOF-USA hosts:

We moved here to contribute to activities that promote literacy and a higher quality of life – of course, we have a lot to learn from all our literate friends.

Here is a poem (Jim says it is a song) from our eternally literate friend, Darrel Voelker, regarding his experiences at The Whirlybird:

Dancing to Darkness