The Whirlybird Compound
Fun can go a long way. The Whirlybird Honky Tonk serves as a form of cultural, emotional, and spiritual medicine. One motto is “Come get you some,” and we all have. Cross-generational talent, creative and collaborative projects among artists, dancing and live music, movie nights, stage plays, and storytelling have all taken place in this activity hub.
Constructed from repurposed and recycled materials, The Whirlybird Gallery offers a range of enjoyable and informative experiences, including musical performances, workshops, camps, peaceful retreats, and a variety of artistic and cultural events. We welcome you to experience the creative vision we are bringing to life.
The Whirlybird Compound Artist in Residency Program enhances the creative process of artists through cultural immersion. Enjoy a secluded and inspiring residence in South Louisiana, complete with studio spaces, gallery, performance spaces, and basic amenities, allowing you to fully immerse in the unique cultural experiences and traditions of the region.